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pakistan Will release Abhinandan tomorrow

Pakistan Prime Mister Imran Khan said in the parliament of Pakistan that they will release the arrested pilot tomorrow. Pakistan proclaiming this as a gesture of peace. PM claiming "that this doent mean that they are weak." Abhnandan is a pilot of IAF who got missing yesterday in one intercept with the pakistan force. In this intercept India put down one of the pakistan plane. Pakistan following the GENEVA convention 1929 according to which prisoners of war usually the members of armed forces  of one of the parties to a conflict who falls into the hands of opposite party should be treated under the laws of international humantarian laws and in detention he should not be punished.

National War Memorial

Today Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated the National War Memorial dedicating it more than 26 thousand of brave soldiers of India who sacrificed their life for the people of India. The national war memorial is a monument constructed by the government of India in the vicinity of the India Gate in New Delhi to honour all the armed forces of India. Who fought for free India. The memorial is made around the Canopy(chhatri) near the India Gate. The architect of this memorial is given by Mr. Yogesh Chandrahasan of Chennai. This video very beautifully explains the structure of the National war Memorial. This memorial is the symbol of sacrifice of all armed forces martyred in the wars of 1947-48, 1961, 1962, 1965, 1971, 1987, 1987-88, 1999 and much other major operation of armed forces. The names of these brave soldiers are inscribed on the memorial walls. A war museum will also be made near the India Gate and the War Memorial and War museum will be connected through

Pulwama Attack - we want revenge!

On 14 february 2019, a convoy of military vehicles which was carrying around 2500 security personnels of CRPF(Central Reserved Police Force) was moving via Jammu Srinagar National Highway where they were attackted by a vehicle borne suicide bomber near Avantipora. This attack resulted in a death of 40 CRPF personel and more than 35 personnels were injured. The responsibility of the attack was claimed by the Pakistan based Islamist group jaish-e-mohammed. The suicidal bomber was the local youth named Adil Ahmed Dar. He was a 22 year old high school dropout from Kakapora, who joined the group a year ago. The attacker slammed the Scorpio Mahindra vehicle into the bus which resulted in a massive explosion. The vehicle was filled with the explosives. The entire nation is in anger and wants revenge from the attackers/Pakistan. Nationwide many protests and marches are being organized demanding for the revenge. As we know that India will definitely take the revenge in the

Namami Gange Programme

Namami gange programme is an integrated conservation flagship programme approved by the union government in June 2014. An amount of about   Rs. 20,000 Crore was allotted for this programme to accomplished the twin objectives of effective abatement of pollution, conservation and rejuvenation of national river Ganga. This programme not only focus on the project of just cleaning the surface of Ganga river but also to take care about its future contamination by making many sewerage treatment plants, river front development, conserving bio-diversity, afforestation and regularly monitoring the industrial effluent. The implementation of this project has been mainly divided into three parts firstly entry level activities which is for visible impact, secondly for medium- term activities which has to be implemented within 5 years of time and the last is long term activities which is to be implemented within 10 years of time span. The key achievement under the namami   Ganga progr

Main key points of budget2019

Today the Modi government presented the interim budget for the year 2019. The budget was presented by the Piyush Goyal who is the railway minister but has been given additional charge of Finance Ministry. Here are the few key features of today’s interim budget of Modi govt. Ø   Income tax exemption limit has been raised to