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Rishi Kapoor, passes away

Rishi Kapoor, is no more now Rishi Kapoor (4 september 1952- 30 april 2020) has passed away, another veteran actor and another soul of the Indian cinema has passed. This week has been very bad as within two days 2 versatile actors of Indian cinema

Irfan Khan passes away

Irfan Khan passes away Irfan Khan passes away today,  he took his last breathe in Mumbai,s Kokolaben Dhirubhai Ambani hospital today. He was suffering 

Donate to the relief funds, but why?

Donate to the relief funds, but why? Donate to relief funds because it is a charity, you can say so but the main goal of that donation is to help you only indirectly. People think that donating to relief fund is useless because there are more chances of misusing of that money. People are right as they think so but imagine if all the donators think like this then government would be helpless at the time of calamities. There are many benefits of donating: ·          Donator feels happier as he believes that he also has a contribution to the relief. ·          If we go by hindu mythology, donation has been termed as a holy work. ·          By donating you are helping the needed and will get their blessings. ·          Donation helps you in getting income tax benefits. ·          Donation works like boomer rang, the more you give the more you get. ·          Donation reduces the economic pressure on the government. ·          It will indirectly help the economy of your