Donate to the relief funds, but why?

Donate to the relief funds, but why?

Donate to relief funds because it is a charity, you can say so but the main goal of that donation is to help you only indirectly. People think that donating to relief fund is useless because there are more chances of misusing of that money. People are right as they think so but imagine if all the donators think like this then government would be helpless at the time of calamities.

There are many benefits of donating:
  • ·         Donator feels happier as he believes that he also has a contribution to the relief.
  • ·         If we go by hindu mythology, donation has been termed as a holy work.
  • ·         By donating you are helping the needed and will get their blessings.
  • ·         Donation helps you in getting income tax benefits.
  • ·         Donation works like boomer rang, the more you give the more you get.
  • ·         Donation reduces the economic pressure on the government.
  • ·         It will indirectly help the economy of your country to come on track and so as your life.
  • ·         Don’t just grab its negative sides there are many positive sides as well.
  • ·         Donation give you honor.

Always follow certain rules while donating money. It’s not that you donate all what earn than its better not to donate. Let say if you earn Rs. 50,000 per month then you should donate a 2 to 10% of that every month. Donation can not only to the government you can donate to various organization who are working for the mankind of the needy people. You can donate food, clothes, sponsor education, sponsor treatment all these are different ways of doing mankind.
Donating to the PM-CARES fund is also a deed to the mankind. Donate as per your capabilities there is no boundation for everyone to donate but if most of us will donate then we all can come out the situations of this corona pandemic with minimum damages to the economy and mankind.
As you can see that rich class is also donating as per their will. The question comes why are they donating huge amount, if it is the difficult time they should also save their money but they don’t think alike for them “ the more you give the more get”  works pretty well. It is not that it works only for rich class but it works for the people of every class.
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