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Why to vote for Modi again? Read this..

Eastern and western peripheral expressway is constructed around the capital of the India Delhi. The eastern peripheral expressway is around 135km long which is in the east side of the Delhi, the main benefit of this express way is that it connects national highway 1 and national highway 2 bypassing the Delhi. On the other hand there is one western peripheral expressway which is in the east side of Delhi, which also connects NH-1 and NH-2 via Haryana again bypassing Delhi. All this is made possible by the dedication of the ministry of road transport and highways. These two expressways will form a ring road around the Delhi which helps to avoid the vehicles to enter in Delhi, which used to go through Delhi to reach other destinations. Benefits of Western Peripheral Expressway (WPE) and Eastern Peripheral Expressway (EPE): It connects NH-1 and NH-2 from east and west side of Delhi. Will help to reduce pollution in capital by 50%. Less traffic in Delhi. It